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Simplifying Crew Management

Crew Master is your tool in easily managing all your crew, principal and vessel details. Streamline and automate your crewing process while maximizing the efficiency of your staff!

Crew Management

  • Recruit and select qualified seafarers for your principal and their vessels.
  • Ability to quickly create a checklist of required trainings, licenses, travel document per position
  • Simplify crewing process from application, sourcing, line-up, selection, embarkation and even up to their disembarkation and return..
  • Easily encode all relevant crew records such as personal details, sea service, travel documents, licenses, trainings, medical records, embarkation / disembarkation details, etc.
  • Advance notification of expiring crew documents like passports, STCW certificates, vaccines etc.
  • Generate CV forms as well as contracts in seconds!
  • Finding specific crew requirement is made simpler with Crew Master’s sourcing capability
  • Say goodbye to paper files. Simply attach all the crew’s digital documents and worry no more of ever losing them.


  • Quickly generate management reports such as embarkation and disembarkation in a snap.
  • Generate KPI reports to quickly gauge the performance of your company
  • Ability to extract reports in Excel format

Storage and Security

  • A centralized database to store all of your crew, vessel and principal information
  • Crew Master has a secured database encrypted with passwords only designated users can access.